Share your ‘unspoken rules’

Everyone lives by a set of ‘unspoken rules’ – rules that are rarely articulated. Each of you have your own ideas about what is acceptable and it probably doesn’t even occur to you that you would have different expectations in that area.

Too often, we don’t articulate the rules until they are broken; actually, that is usually when you discover another one of the unspoken rules. But at that point, you are both feeling misunderstood and frustrated.

Your family has always done things a certain way and you just assume and expect that it will be done in the same way in your house. But really, it isn’t any more right than your spouse’s way.

Discuss those unspoken expectations and prevent little problems from becoming bigger. Be adaptable – for the sake of the relationship.

Some typical areas of unspoken rules are: finances, roles and responsibilities, extended family, holidays, kitchen and meal time. Talk about it.

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