Shared commitment to spiritual growth

A major part of marriage is that shared sense of purpose. That sharing of life’s ultimate meaning – with another person to continuously support and bolster each other.

In these days of Tishrei, talk about what each of you feel is your sense of purpose as individuals, as a couple.

Seek to find one area that you – as a couple – want to grow in together. Some possibles: Simcha, Emunah, gratitude, openness, surrender to Hashem, tefillah.

–> Discuss your ‘why’ for wanting to further develop in that area (when you know your ‘why’, the ‘hows’ are much easier).
–> Describe what that might look like in your marriage.
–> List what you can each do to bolster each other. How you want to be supported if you slip.
–> Work through what obstacles you might face and how you might better prepare for those.
–> Talk about what other supports and resources you might need to get you on your path, to guide you (mashpia, book, listen to a podcast, etc.)

There are so many benefits of talking through your shared sense of purpose and goals as a couple. Of course, there is the growth in that area that you have chosen together, whatever it may be.

But perhaps, more importantly, the process of working through which area you want to take on and how you will support each other is what really strengthens you as a couple. And the resolve to that area.

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