#007: Take time between dates to process.

Take time between dates to process what you learned about the other person. And how you feel about the time you spent together.

There is so much that you can be learning about each other during the time you are together – from the conversations, from the way they talk to you and to others. While in the moment, you don’t have the head space to process what you learned and are experiencing.

Do you enjoy being with them? Do they bring out the best in you? Are they able to take influence from you? Does their vision of life line up with yours? Do you respect them? Do they respect you? Back this all up with examples.

Since you need time between dates to process it all, there ought to be a few days between dates. On average, most people meet two or three times a week.

(This applies also when someone has travelled a long distance for the date; the need to process doesn’t disappear just because one of you travelled.)

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