#031: Complimenting on a date.

Your first compliments to her should not be about her looks or clothing.  Most women want to be noticed for who they are as a person.

There are so many ways you can compliment someone.

  • Their ideas: “That is such a great idea. That will really solve my problem.”
  • Their thoughts: “That is such a positive way of looking at a crazy situation.”
  • Their accomplishments: “That took such perseverance and it worked out so well. The crowd must have so enjoyed.” “You are really good at [this].”
  • Their qualities: “You are so dedicated to those kids.” “You have a keen eye for details.”

You can follow up the compliment with a question: “What is your secret?” “How do you do that day in and day out?”

You can also follow up with how you are influenced by them: “Wow, that is a great outlook. I will try to integrate that into my life.”

A good compliment is:

  • genuine and generous.
  • unique. Not cliche, not “You’re the greatest.”
  • specific. With details.
  • full.

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