#037: Sharing about medical conditions.

Sharing about medical conditions. Medical conditions are nothing to be ashamed of, share your story with confidence.  (There is a mindset difference between disclosing and sharing.)

  • When you share about the medical condition – at whatever point feels right for you – it is important to note that HOW it is presented is crucial. The tone, the timing, who says it, and the words. It might be worthwhile to practice beforehand.
  • You might ‘drip’ the information in parts and see how it is received before adding more details.
  • First share about something that you are doing or learned or your worldview that you may have gained because of the condition. For example: “I volunteer in a hospital.”, “I live by the motto that ‘challenges makes one stronger’.” Then, in a subsequent conversation, you can bring up what inspired you. “I volunteer because when I was a child, I spent time in the hospital….”
  • Some people may actually bring in the doctor who can explain it all – the exact condition, how it is managed, how it will impact life, can medication be taken during pregnancy, etc. and can answer all questions. Too often, when a layperson hears about a condition, they make all sorts of assumptions or get misinformation from the internet.  Thus, a conversation with his doctor can be very helpful.
  • Do not judge the other person for their hesitancy or questions. Answer truthfully and fully.


How to Share about a Medical Condition

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