Solidify your Tishrei memories and inspiration.

Now that the Yomim Tovim of Tishrei are over, make those memories and inspiration last One way to keep memories strong is by reactivating them through reminiscing and sharing stories. (This works in reverse too: If you want bad memories to simply fade away, try not to dwell on them.)

As a family, talk about your experiences – the meals together, the people you were with, the davening, the dancing, Chol Hamoed excursions, the divrei Torah, the special foods and songs. “What are some of your favorite memories of this past month?” “What do you hope we will do again in the next years?” “What is something you heard or learned this Tishrei that you would like to incorporate into our lives?”

Expressing your gratitude can also help solidify the experiences. Thank your hosts and guests for enriching your Yom Tov experiences. If someone was helpful to you over the month – emotionally, physically, inspirationally, in any way – thank them for that.

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