Sometimes the work is harder.

Trash cans are often forgotten. Until they can’t be ignored anymore. And then the work is harder. Just because it is hard doesn’t mean that you can neglect it. You know the stink will just get worse.

Start with the easier parts and then tackle the more difficult. Wash the outside of the can before addressing the mess inside. You don’t want to bring the mess and germs from the bottom of the can onto the outside.

Set up a system so that it doesn’t get that bad in the first place.

  • Don’t throw away foods that are liquid or runny. If you do, contain them in a plastic grocery bag first. The same goes for any moldy or spoiled foods.
  • Make sure your bin liner always fits snugly around the edges of your trash can. If it falls inside and you don’t realize it, you’re in for some major trash cleanup.
  • Remember, the more often you clean your trash can, the less likely you are to run into a stinky situation.

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