Spend more time with your spouse than your parents

There are some people who feel that their spouse spends way too much time with his/her own parents.

For some, this is a truth. For others, it is a difference of expectations and family dynamics.

Before resentment arises (or grows), it is worthwhile to discuss and explore your expectations about relationships with families of origin and your feelings about what is happening.

Prepare how and when you will bring it up. And choose your words carefully.

Remember that you are a team. The objective of the conversation is first to understand your spouse’s perspectives. And then to share your own.

Tread lightly when it comes to criticizing your in-laws. It is hard to hear complaints about one’s parents – even if they know it is true.

Once you understand the dynamics, try work through the issue until you come up with a solution that feels reasonable to both of you.

If the parents need to be told about something, your spouse, their biological child, should be the one to say it – with much respect for their spouse’s considerations.

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