Start each day with a clean slate

Don’t take today into tomorrow. Start each day with a fresh slate.

At the end of the day, reflect on the day. Take in the learnings and insights and flush out the negativity. Think about what new knowledges and insights you learned and how they impact your thinking.

Think about what you learned
– about yourself: “I am really getting into this new hobby”, “I ought to make healthier food choices”.
– about others in your life: “X is a reliable friend”, “B is great at computers”, “I need to set up strong boundaries in a particular area”.
– about the world you live in: “That supermarket has great customer service”, “Avoid that road because of construction”.

You might also think about what blessings you experienced during the day – the big and the small. The beautiful weather, the new lead to expand your business, the great book you read.

Lastly, flush out the toxicity of the day. Everything that happens in your life is to make you better not bitter. Take the lessons from the incident (“I really have to plan my words so that I don’t offend Sensitive Sally”, “I need to re-read my presentation before getting up on stage”, “I should avoid eating the food that gave me cramps”). And forgive the teacher of the lesson {the offender, yourself, the circumstance). 

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