Stick up for your spouse.

Your spouse wants to feel that you have their back. That you’d stick up for them in front of your parents and family. And their family. Anyone.

As a married couple, you should put up a united front to hold each other’s dignity to the utmost. Defend your spouse. Call out the offender – respectfully, of course. Even when you don’t completely agree with your spouse.

Even if you do not take sides with those who are disrespecting him, your inaction will make him feel alone and abandoned.

Think: what is more important – my marriage or the issue that is being discussed? Your marriage relationship trumps (almost) everything.

“This is what we decided together. Please respect our decision.”

“I will not have anyone disrespect my spouse. Not even my family.”

“Dear family, you may not appreciate or understand my spouse’s decision or opinion, but you still have to talk to her/him respectfully.”
– “I understand you see this issue differently from my spouse. At the same time, his/her perspective is a perfectly valid one too. It makes sense too.”

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