Stop missing your life

Our lives are busier than ever. All too often, we are on auto-pilot and days and months just fly by. We are missing our lives.

In some areas, we are just too guarded to allow ourselves to fully experience what is going on. We miss out on big chunks of our lives.

In other areas, we may be wishing that this difficult stage would pass already. Again missing out on the ‘now’.

Sometimes, we are so busy making sure that everything is going well that we miss out on the true meaning of the event (for example: hosting a wedding and worrying about the water bottles for the guests).

It is imperative that we check in with ourselves. Often. How are we living our lives? Are we actually experiencing the richness of our lives?

We ought to be living at the speed of life. Enjoying the moments as they unfold. Not spending time regretting the past or worrying about the future. Not thinking about the next item on the to-do list. Just now, in the present, at this stage of life. 

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