Take a chance on yourself.

Is there an important change that you know you ought to be making but can’t get yourself to actually do (like quitting a mind-numbing job or ending a toxic friendship)? Chances are that you are not taking action because the path of inaction is less frightening because it feels more familiar. But, this inaction is keeping you from moving forward or making a breakthrough in your life. And it is causing so much stress and it is wasting so much time as you ruminate about hows and ifs and whys. So much unnecessary stress.

All this stems from fear. Fear of confrontation, fear of letting go into the uncertainty, fear of starting over. For your sake, you have to take a chance on yourself. If you do what you’ve always been doing, you’ll get what you’ve always been getting.

Tune into your values. What do you really want? What is not happening as you continue being in this situation? What could happen if you live more aligned with what you really wanted?

Take the chance on yourself. Make the decision and take the steps toward your better future. Leave behind that stressful situation. You’ll also be throwing off the stress that indecision adds. It’s frightening, but you’re worth it.

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