Talk about your dreams.

Without a plan, it is very difficult to make the dream a reality.

Since it is a dream that you both have, you both will have ideas about the hows. Brainstorm together. Some ideas will be worth pursuing, some may be way out of reach.

Collaborate to create a joint plan.

Develop clear and vivid plans. Collect pictures related to the dream. Dreaming about a new kitchen? Start gathering paint colors for the walls. Dreaming about a move to a new city? Dream it all, down to the start time of the car ride (and of course be flexible). This makes it so much more real. Caveat: keep it light and fun, don’t argue years in advance about paint colors.

Write down your dreams and plans, benchmarks and due dates. It will take 3 years to save enough money to buy a house? Write down your dream and your plans for making and saving money. Visit your dreams periodically, and adjust as necessary.

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