Team up against the chaos

You are on the same team trying to get through this craziness. It’s not your ideas vs your spouse’s ideas. It’s all about “what can we do together with the situation we are facing?”

You each may have different perspectives and vantage points. You may see needs and challenges differently. That may always be your ways and it is more pronounced now.

One of you may be more concerned about finances and future and the other is more in the here and now. One may have a need to make jokes about it all and the other may take it all more seriously. One may want to get all possible info and the other wants updates only twice a day. One may get more drained during crisis and the other feels energized and roaring to make the most of it. There is no right way.

Be realistic about each of your strengths and limitations. Fill in where your spouse is lacking. Hear each other out, support each other.

You are on the same team – fighting against this chaos.

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