Tefillah is not about changing Hashem’s plans; it’s about changing yourself.

Tefillah is not about getting Hashem to listen to your pain and your wants and needs. It is about you saying these things to Hashem – so that you hear yourself saying your own tefillos.

Through Tefillah to Hashem, we are acknowledging that Hashem has a Master Plan for us and that we should tune into it rather than fight it or complain about it.

When we truly acknowledge and surrender to Hashem’s plan for us, we operate from a more empowered mindset. We know that we are only seeing part of the plan at this point, something bigger is really happening. From this mindset, we see our circumstances in a different way, we make different choices and then get different results.

Tefillah is not that we are trying to change Hashem’s mind about our lives. It is more about changing ourselves. When we change ourselves, our lives change.

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