Thank your spouse for their role in how wonderful your life is

In the busyness of life, we sometimes forget to notice how our lives are enriched by the people in our lives.
Take the time to reflect on the many little ways that your life is enriched by your spouse. Write them down. You won’t get a complete list in one sitting, continuously add to the the list.

Share these with your spouse. You can share the entire list at one time. Or, you can refer back to this list and share one at a time.

Include it all: the cup of coffee they prepare for you every morning, the sense of stability they bring, the silly joking, clarity they bring to situations, listen to your venting, taking care of the kids ….

“I’m so blessed to be married to someone who sits with me as I work through my stuff.” “I am so lucky to have you because you know just what to say when I am stressed.” “I am so grateful to you for not bringing up [my bad habit].” “I love how you include my brother in our family events.”

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