Thank your spouse often

Think of the little and big things that your spouse brings to your life and family. Thank them. With a full gratitude. Don’t anything for granted, as if it is their job. When you are gracious in your thinking, you will think of lots of things to be grateful for. “Thank you for taking care of the baby so I could get a full night sleep. I feel so energetic this morning.” “Thank you for always having my favorite snacks (fruits) stocked.” “Thank you for making us laugh so often.”

Share your gratitude often and freely. You might make a master list of things for which you are grateful, and pull from that list when you are not remembering what you can share your gratitude about. – If you don’t ask much from your spouse (for whatever reason), begin to ask. Your spouse wants to make you happy, wants to contribute to your life. Sometimes, they just don’t know what it is that you want or need. “I’m feeling stressed. Can you please make me a cup of tea – the mint tea, with one spoon of sugar.”

Ask clearly and graciously – not nagging, not demanding, not hinting. Don’t not ask because they ‘should know what I want’ or they ‘should know what needs to be done’.

Ask, so that they can give. Ask, so that they do for you and the family and then you have what to ground your gratitude on.

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