The Balcony Perspective: Getting the fuller picture.

Sometimes when you are in a situation it can be very difficult for you to see the whole picture. You only see your part.

However, if you choose instead to see the drama unfold from the balcony view up high, you will be able to not only understand what is going on in front of you but also what the others are doing in the background. The entire scene becomes much clearer.

From up on the balcony, you can better observe the emotion and energy of the whole situation. You get a much better sense of what is going on for everyone.

While up there on the balcony, don’t just observe others. Look at your own actions and observe how others respond to you. (With that clarity of perspective, you can make the necessary adaptations.)

How to get up on the balcony:

  • Practice some form of mindfulness that will allow you to pull back so that you can think about how you are showing up in that situation (and in your life). Step out of yourself and assess the situation.
  • Get someone else’s perspective on the situation and learn from their vantage point. Ask for feedback.
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