The most interesting thing you can get to know today is not on your phone.

Too many of us fill every empty second checking out our phones. There’s always something to read or play on the phone.
But that robs us of the small opportunities to be present in our own lives, being with our own thoughts, thinking about what matters to us, making meaning of what is happening in our own lives. Simply put – getting to know ourselves

The news, stock quotes, scores, sales, family drama, FOMO. None are anywhere near as important of getting to know ourselves. – What makes me uniquely me?
– What makes me excited?
– What drains me; what should I avoid? How can I navigate sticky situations so that it is win-win for all?
– In that recent outburst from a colleague, what might be a kernel of truth?
– How can I enrich my relationship with my spouse, or child(ren)?
– Is there something I should be doing more of? or less of?
– What can I do to move along the process of my life dreams?
– How did the words and timing of my recent confrontation land on the other person? How could I have been even more effective?

Answers to these and other questions need mindspace. And time. But if we run to our phone to fill every moment, we simply don’t have the time or mindspace for the thinking and observing and reflecting that can propel life toward higher and richer places.. Seek out those small opportunities for thinking and being present. Even if it means that a whole series of whatsapp jokes go by without your commenting. You’re worth it.

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