The power “Thank you”

Show your gratitude – in a full way. There are 3 parts to the Power Thank You.

Thank the person for something specific that the person did for you. Actually say the words “Thank you…” And be specific about what you are grateful for “for running to the store at that crazy hour.” That is the thing you want more of – say it as fully and appreciatively as possible.

Acknowledge the effort it took for the person to help you, by saying something like, “I know you went out of your way to do it; it was late and freezing and you were so tired.”

Acknowledge the attribute of the person that did the action for you. “You were so generous with your time for me.” “It is a real sign of your concern for me.” “It shows how dedicated you are to our family.”

Tell the person the difference that their act personally made to you. “It really helped me feel less stressed about the whole situation.”

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