This Yom Kippur, daven for: the strength to leave the past in the past to move forward.

Too often, we hold onto the past. Lots of baggage. That takes up so much space in our lives. And (almost always) spills over into the space of those who love us (or want to love us). True, sometimes, there are nuggets of life lessons to be learned from the past. “I have to learn from the mistakes I made”; “Experience has taught me to …” . But you don’t need to hold onto the whole story, just the part that has the lesson.

You don’t need the details. Or the regret. Or the grudge. Or resentment. Or the bitterness. Or stuckness.
It may take strength to leave that past. But you can do it. You have what it takes to move forward. To a lighter, less encumbered future. To a less stuck place. To real happiness.
Leave that baggage behind, and you’ll have so much more space for your happy future.

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