Time urgency: Do you really need to know right now?

Your brain tells you that you need to know right now. You can’t stand waiting. You can’t stand uncertainty. That’s called ‘time urgency’.

Not knowing right now doesn’t have to mean not living right now. Rather, put the time urgency into perspective by asking yourself questions such as these:

1. What is the disadvantage of time urgency to me? (It makes you continually anxious and worried and deprives you of the ability to enjoy the present moment.)

2. What if I don’t know right now? Why is that so bad? (Are you thinking that if you don’t know right now, then you will never know? Or, that things will turn out badly?)

3. How many times have I been wrong about needing to know right now? (False alarms and emergencies constantly deprive you of your life. When you didn’t know right then, was it always a bad outcome? Aren’t you still here?)

4. What can I still do even if I don’t know right now? (Fill your life with action and appreciation to keep your mind on positivity- even if you don’t have your answer right now.)

5. How many times have things fallen into place without my worrying and planning? (Many times, the things we worry about become irrelevant as they work themselves out or become irrelevant after all.)

Not knowing right now is exactly that – you might know later. In fact, you will know later. Just wait.

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