To compare is to despair

Comparing ourselves to others is part of our human nature. There is a positive side to it too; it can be helpful in motivating us to stretch and improve ourselves. Yet, all too often, it leaves us feeling badly about ourselves.

To compare usually ends up in despair. There will always be someone who is better than you – and worse than you – in some areas. It isn’t really helpful to judge yourself with someone else’s barometer.

Firstly, if you have been comparing yourself to others, don’t beat yourself up about that; it just adds more despair. Acknowledge it so you can work on it. The more you can own your feelings, the less likely you’ll act on them. “I’m going down that path of comparing. Let me stop right here.”

Use your sense of competitiveness to compare yourself to who you were and to your potential. Take pride in your growth and build on that. Set targets that are meaningful and truly important to you and your family.

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