To get useful support from friends, share as objectively as possible.

When you reach out to friends or others for support for something in your marriage, be very careful who you choose to talk to. And how you share what is going on.

Your role is to describe it OBJECTIVELY as you can. For your sake. For the sake of your marriage.

Many times, in the heat of emotion, we misinterpret what happened or the intent. If you are indeed looking for support, be fair to yourself and your marriage and describe the situation objectively – describing the actions and words just as they occurred, without putting meaning and judgment to them. –“S/he came home at 7 pm” is objective. “Came home late again” is not.
–“We had to leave within 20 minutes, but there were still so many suitcases to pack.” is more objective than “S/he just doesn’t seem to care how I annoyed I get when we are late.” Once you describe the situation as objectively as possible, add this important line: ‘So that’s what’s been going on. Please help me work through my feelings around this. Do you see it differently?’ This lets the listener know that you are indeed interested in hearing their thoughts even if it is not exactly aligned with what you are thinking or feeling. – – People are naturally biased. Once you recognize that, you can work harder to check your objectivity.
– If you’re getting agitated or highly emotional, you’re probably not thinking rationally or objectively.

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