1. Discuss the nuanced difference between each pair of words. 

  1. Stubborn | determined
  2. Snoopy | curious
  3. Withdrawn  | reserved
  4. Bold  | brash
  5. Frugal | cheap
  6. Energetic | hyperactive
  7. Self confident | smug
  8. Likes to share with others | talks too much
  9. Has strong opinions | domineering
  10. Creative/ innovative | doesn’t listen to rules
  11. A leader  | bossy
  12. Attends to detail | picky
  13. Generous | wastes money
  14. Analytical | pessimistic


Review: Speak with tact


2. Rephrase these statements to include the SITUATION rather than the person.

The shirts are all wrinkled when your spouse did the laundry.
I hate when you let my shirts get wrinkled.”

You both have a wedding tonight. Your spouse is still not ready.
“I can’t believe you’re making us late again.”

It’s rush hour, you are afraid you’ll be late for a meeting.
“We’re late. You could have just put on the shirt I suggested, and we could have left much earlier.”


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