Some of our human needs are…

  • Connection: be understood, love, stability
  • Honesty: authenticity, integrity, presence
  • Peace: harmony, ease, order, beauty
  • Joy: playfulness, humor, laughter
  • Physical Wellbeing: air, food, shelter, safety, sleep
  • Meaning: purpose, growth, competence
  • Autonomy: choice, independence, freedom
  • Affectionate: loving, friendly, compassionate
  • Confident: empowered, proud, open, secure
  • Engaged: fascinated, stimulated, involved
  • Inspired: amazed, wonder, in awe
  • Peaceful: clear headed, calm, centered
  • Grateful: moved, thankful, touched
  • Hopeful: encouraged, optimistic
  • Afraid: worried, mistrustful, apprehensive
  • Annoyed: dismayed, impatient, displeased
  • Angry: resentful, livid, outraged
  • Disconnected: alienated, numb, indifferent
  • Tense: anxious, cranky, distraught
  • Vulnerable: fragile, helpless, leery, insecure
  • Yearning: wistful, jealous, nostalgic

Feelings convey vital information about what is going on for you – danger, problems need addressing, something gratifying has occurred.

Being aware of feelings and labeling them enables you to :

  • think about them
  • talk about them with others
  • deal more effectively with the situations that have evoked them

How much you talk about your feelings determines how intimate you will feel with each other.

And the more intimate you feel, the more you will want to share your private feelings and thoughts.

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