Trying vs doing

The words with which we think can make a huge difference in how we actually live. And how people perceive us.

TRY vs DO “I’m trying to get this done.” vs “I’m doing it; I’m on the journey toward making it happen” —
“Trying” is a convenient way for you to never actually have to fully commit while claiming that you have.

Sometimes, “try” is simply an avoidance. You tell the other people that you will try, but you have no intention to do it at all. It may seem easier to tell that person that you try than to get into a discussion that you don’t want to or you can’t. —
Because we often use the word “try” in these ways, when we hear it from someone else, we often get an uneasy sense that the person won’t actually come through. So flip that, when you say “I’ll try” how might the other person perceive you? —
If you really are not committing to doing it, then admit that – to yourself, to the other person. And totally get it off your mind. When you say you will try, it stays in your mind that you have to get to it. There’s guilt, regret, frustration – all negative emotions, all wasted energy. Keep those energies for something that you want to actually do.

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