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Understand your anger so you can work with it.

Anger has several levels, ranging from the mildest to the severest. Awareness of these levels can help you better understand what it going on for you and you can better deal with your emotions and triggers.

What is your anger temperature?

Low: Irritated/ bothered/ annoyed:
A person is irritated when something happens that they are not expecting or when something does not happen when it was expected. Traffic. No milk left for coffee. At this level, some people roll their eyes, walk out in a huff, or say a quick nasty comment. Because this level is mild, you can think clearly, and you can easily overcome these feelings.

Medium: Frustrated/ upset
The irritation has grown into something larger. You’ll still able to use your brain to think rationally, but because of your heightened resentments or dissatisfaction with what’s happening, it might not be as easy to stay calm and clearheaded.
At this level, some people scream or bang their fist on the table.

High: Angry/ Hostile
Hostility tends to happen when there has been a large build-up of stress, pain, or anxiety in their life. At this level, people may become verbally abusive or throw things.

Severe: Enraged/ furious/ totally out of control/livid
At this stage, people may become dangerous – threatening and actually doing physical harm, excessive swearing and violent. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to calm someone at this point. They key is to never get to this level of anger.

J.O.T. [Just One Thing]

Through the years, many clients and students have reached out for guidance and support. They came seeking encouragement and assistance with relationship challenges. They asked tough questions. They explored their role in the relationship. They enhanced their communication and conflict resolution skills.  They adopted productive mindsets that helped them enrich their marriage, family life and so many other aspects of their lives.

Adai Ad’s (JOT) Just One Thing series was developed to share short and practical relationship insights, tools and mindsets every morning (via whatsapp and social media). These are widely received all over the world.

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