Use words of conviction: “I don’t do that” rather than “I can’t do that”

When making a resolution to do something new and different, think and speak in powerful ways to bolster your inner motivation to propel you to success. Think in words such as “I Don’t [do that]” rather than “I can’t [do that].”

Saying “I can’t” implies that there is an external force that controls you. The words “I don’t” come from the power inside you. It’s a stronger sense of conviction. This intrinsic motivation is much more powerful than compliance with an outside force.

Thinking and speaking with conviction is stating that you are a person who does or doesn’t do [whatever].

“I keep Kosher, I don’t eat that”, rather than “I keep Kosher, so I can’t eat that.”

“I am married, I don’t stay out all night,” rather than “I am married so I can’t stay out.”

“I am Shomer Shabbos, I don’t do that”, rather than “I can’t do that.”

“I eat healthily, I don’t eat sugar,” rather than “I can’t eat that.”

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