Want to change a behavior? Change one “micro-habit” at a time

Big aspirations? Be realistic, making drastic changes is not usually sustainable. Start small with one small micro-habit at a time. A micro-habit is ridiculously small, but very manageable.

Want to include more exercise in your life? Start with a walk down the block. You can build up to a 3 mile run.

Want to add more positivity in your life? Start with thinking about one thing that you are grateful for.

It is easier if you attach that micro-habit to something you are already doing. You are already going to the supermarket, park at the far end of the parking lot. Every morning during your morning coffee, think about one thing you are grateful for (the delicious coffee, perhaps?)

Once you have made that micro-habit routine, build on it. Walk around the block, express your gratitude out loud. Continue these tiny, incremental adjustments until the new habit is part of your muscle memory. By starting small, you can achieve big results.

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