Weekly marriage meetings keep you on track.

A Marriage Meeting can really solidify your marriage. This is a short (about 30 minutes) check-in where the two of you share appreciation, plan together and nip potential conflicts in the bud.

This should be a scheduled weekly meeting (separate from date night or budget meetings). A half hour is long enough to cover everything , but short enough to keep it focused and productive.

This meeting can include:
1. Appreciation (expressing gratitude to your spouse)
2. Chores/Errands (making sure to-dos are getting done)
3. Plan for Good Times (scheduling date nights, as well as individual and family activities)
4. Problems/Challenges (addressing conflicts/issues/changes in the relationship and in life in general).

– Meet weekly. Why sit down for a discussion during a dedicated time? Talking about these things as they come up rather than at a scheduled time means that some things don’t get the attention they need. Or you may simply forget to bring something up.

– Meet as just the two of you. No kids.

– Minimize distractions/interruptions. No phones.

– Sit together. Ideally side by side rather than across the table; this is more intimate and welcoming.

– Jot down notes during the week so you remember to talk about everything that you need to.

– Bring your organizational devices/notebooks/apps to the meeting to jot down when/where/how of your plans.

– Cultivate a positive atmosphere. Allow both partners to feel ownership in the meeting.

Based on Marcia Naomi Berger book about Marriage Meetings

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