What conversations are you avoiding?

Avoiding an issue because it might be uncomfortable to bring it up doesn’t make the issue go away. More likely it brings more negativity to the overall situation in forms of resentment and beating oneself up for not having the courage to bring it up.

We may have fears and that is why we don’t bring it up. Fears like:
– I might hurt their feelings.
– I could be rejected.
– I could discover that I am part of the problem.
– I may discover that I have to make changes.
– The problem could escalate rather than be resolved.
– Emotions can escalate until someone blows up.

The very outcomes we fear might come up if we do confront the issue are almost guaranteed to show up if you don’t bring it up. It may take longer, it may be more drawn out. It is likely to occur at the worst possible minute when there won’t be enough time or headspace to address it properly.

Gather your courage and bring it up respectfully – with the goal of resolution and not just venting and blaming. It may not be easy, but it is important to take care of it. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable sometimes.

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