What does it mean when a Bochur wears a white shirt


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by Devora Krasnianski, founder of Adai Ad Institute

A white button-down shirt … or a colored T shirt  … or a colored button-down shirt …  or whatever.

All you know is that person is wearing a white shirt. Right now. People are so much more complex than their clothing.  The shirt does not necessarily say anything about personality, yiras shamayim, etc.

In today’s quick paced culture, we like to get answers quickly. We look to easily- measurable things to assess what is going on. (Think: tests to determine how well a student is doing in school; students are so much more than their test scores.)

And perhaps that mindset is spilling over into the way we think we can know the essence of a person – from the way he (or she) dresses. But people are way too complex to be measured by their clothing.

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