What is Hamshachas HaLev? And how do I know if I am feeling that?


by Devora Krasnianski, founder of Adai Ad Institute

We love the person who helps us feel good about ourselves.

It is crucial to marry someone who makes you feel comfortable about being you.  Someone who appreciates you so much that you begin appreciating yourself more.  In an authentic way. Not just flattery. Someone who notices the ‘you’ in you.

And you want to marry someone who feels great about themselves – because you are in their life.   Someone whose best qualities sparkle, someone who becomes alive – just because of your attention.

When you both shine because of each other, you’ve got hamshachas halev.

It’s not fireworks. It’s not floating in clouds. It’s not infatuation with each other. It’s a feeling that you know that you bring out the best in her.  And you want to continue doing that for her for the rest of your lives.

More about this from Rabbi Manis Friedman – What exactly is Good Chemistry?

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