When hurt people hurt you, empathize.

There are times that some people want to show off to others that they are savvy or smart. In this quest of trying to portray themselves as superior, they might bully, belittle another, or scam another person. Just to get boasting rights.

Such people typically have low self-esteem. Feeling small, they seek to make themselves just a bit taller by stepping on someone else’s back. This is a misguided way of boosting themselves to greater importance. This is an unhealthy and destructive way to deal with one’s own difficult feelings.

The other person is just a pawn in their game. They simply don’t care that they are using someone. Yet, it still hurts to be on the receiving end of someone trying to boost themselves at the expense of others.

If you are being used for their reprehensible game, realize that their actions and comments reflect on them, not you. It’s nothing personal; you happen to be there at the time.

As hard as it may be, remember that only hurt people hurt people and that they are hurting. Empathize with them. This mindset can help you to approach the situation from a calmer and more diplomatic position.

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