When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Throughout life, there will be many roads with forks – many selections to be made. Sometimes, the outcome is not that important and the choice or decision is easier to be made.

And sometimes, the options are life changing and it can be a bit overwhelming to make a selection. Nonetheless, you must move in one direction or the other. –
We may use the words ‘choosing’ and ‘deciding’ interchangeably, but there is a nuanced difference between them. It comes from the thought process as you determine what your next steps will be.

Decisions are made by weighing the options and discarding one at a time – based on certain considerations – until one option appears to be the most appealing. Considerations like some outside influence, from fear, from perceived limitations, from some external pressure, from interests or passions.

Choosing comes from a different mindset – it comes from your values. You consider the many alternatives against your values, dreams and goals, your life’s purpose, your priorities. And you choose one that is aligned with those.
To make good choices, self-awareness is key: what are your values and dreams and goals, what is most important to you, what might hinder those. A good mashpia, coach or mentor can help you work through those so you can make good choices for your life. – (And if it is not a values-based question, and the alternatives are equally good, just make a selection. And never look back. Life is too interesting – don’t waste the mindspace with that decision process, worry or regret.)

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