Why do upsets happen in your marriage?

Why do upsets occur in relationships? Usually, it is not from bad intentions. But rather because of one of these misses:

  • Mistakes (an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong)
  • Misunderstandings (a failure to understand something accurately)
  • Miscommunications (failure to communicate adequately)
  • Misperceptions (a wrong or incorrect understanding or interpretation)
  • Misestimations (a mistake in calculating)
  • Mishaps (an unfortunate accident)
  • Missiles (when one loses their temper and says something hurtful)

As soon as possible after the upset, try to figure out what happened – what kind of misses might have occurred in the situation. Some misses are inevitable. Some you can learn from and work to mitigate those in the future. Think about it and then talk about it with curiosity and respect.

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