With big changes comes big emotions.

Change means that you are letting go of something and getting into something new. And that can bring lots of big emotions. All at once. Happiness. Loss. Excitement. Satisfaction. Grief. Courage. Adventure. And many emotions about not knowing how the future will play out. Anxiety. Vulnerability. Worry. Fear.

Recognize that change is hard. New is hard. Unknown is hard. Until things settle into a new routine. Recognize that you are in flux and that this is a difficult time in your life. And the difficulty of it will pass as things fall into place as your new normal. Accept that you could be having mixed emotions. And that your emotions will go back and forth and up and down in this time of flux.

Pinpoint what you are leaving being and what you will be gaining. Sift through it all so that you can name what is going on for you. You can know what you are looking forward to. And you can begin to address the underlying issues that you are grappling with.

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