Words of affirmation deepen your relationship.

When you say words of affirmation in your relationship, you are strengthening communication and intimacy between you and your partner. You are showing them that you notice and appreciate them. When your partner feels appreciated, they are likely to experience a deeper satisfaction with themselves and with the relationship. 

Everyone appreciates words of affirmation – even if it is not their primary love language.

Your words should be authentic and empathetic. Point out their strengths. Show your appreciation.

“Everything is better when you’re here.”   “I appreciate it when you…”   “I couldn’t do this without you.”   “I’m so lucky to be with you.”    “I’m so thankful to have you in my life.”   “It impressed me when you…”     “Thank you for…”    “You are doing such a great job. I’m really proud of you.” “You are so special to me.”  “Your support means so much to me.”   “You’re an inspiration!”

As appropriate, share your words of affirmation in front of other people. Tell them what makes you proud and what you really appreciate in your spouse. Don’t go overboard and embarrass your partner, but telling others how awesome you think your partner is will touch their heart in so many ways. 

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