Worry – No. Concern – Yes.

With these unknowns, it is natural to feel fear, anxiety, confusion, and sadness.

There’s a difference between worry and concern; it is all in how you are dealing with the negative situation. A difference in your thoughts and subsequent actions.

WORRY feels out of control. It is repetitive, obsessive thoughts that seem to stay and run in circles through your mind. Worry brings with it stress and a lot of unwanted tension into your mind and body. Worry is irrational and can be toxic.

CONCERN is a healthy way of looking at a stressful or negative situation. When you are concerned, you are not ignoring the situation, but you are also not letting the feelings and anxiousness surrounding it take over your mind. You proactively do what you can to mitigate the issue and leave the rest to Hashem.

With concern, there is balance and boundaries.
– Recognize your thinking and give yourself an amount of time (maybe 15 minutes twice a day) in which you allow yourself to think about the problem; when that time is up, consciously redirect your thoughts to something else.
– Don’t check in to the news too often (maybe only twice a day).
– Limit the conversations around corona.
– Practice self-care and relaxation techniques.
– Accept that life is unpredictable and that Hashem has His plans and that we simply cannot control the outcomes.

Be concerned – yes. Continue doing your part: wash your hands, practice social distancing, staying informed on the coronavirus. Try not to let it take over all your thoughts.


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