Comfortability with Uncertainty

I dislike questions which could be answered in many different ways.

I find that a well ordered life with regular hours suits my temperament.

I feel uncomfortable when I don't understand the reason why an event occurred in my life.

When I go shopping, I have difficulty deciding exactly what it is I want.

I feel irritated when one person disagrees with what everyone else in a group believes.

When I am confused about an important issue, I feel very upset.

When trying to solve a problem I often see so many possible options that it's confusing.

I don't like to be with people who are capable of unexpected actions.

I don't like to go into a situation without knowing what I can expect from it.

I dislike it when a person's statement could mean many different things.

I find that establishing a consistent routine enables me to enjoy life more.

I dislike unpredictable situations.

I do not usually consult many different options before forming my own view.

I tend to struggle with most decisions.

I enjoy having a clear and structured mode of life.

Comfortability with Uncertainty
Desire for predictability
You don’t like to go into a situation without knowing what you can expect from it.
Preference for order and structure
You believe that having clear rules and order is essential for success.
Discomfort with ambiguity
You’d rather know bad news than stay in a state of uncertainty.
You do not usually consult many different opinions before forming your own view.
You usually make important decisions quickly and confidently.

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