How playful are you?


1. Winning is everything when playing a game.

2. I can laugh at myself.

3. I like to find ways to have fun while at work.

4. I like my day to be tightly structured so I'll know exactly where I'll be and what I'll be doing.

5. Wearing a mask or costume on Purim is fun to me.

6. I keep a tight rein on my impulses and emotions.

7. I notice "off and unusual" things in my environment and am often amused by them.

8. To me clowning or playing around is more a waste of time than anything else.

9. I would rather go to a museum than an amusement park.

10. I find most memes and gifs amusing.

11. My close friends expect light-hearted ribbing and teasing from me.

12. I consider it fun to throw snowballs or build sand castles.

How playful are you?

You are not all that playful.

Yet. Or maybe it is that you are not all that playful anymore. We are all born playful; just look at any kid. With some effort, you can get back to your inner playfulness. It's worth it.

You are quite playful.

You probably know how to crack yourself up. And also bring a smile to those around you.

You are somewhat playful; it all depends on what is going on around you.

You have it in you. You are probably fun to be around and you can find the humor in some situations. You might benefit from working to increase that playfulness for an even more productive life.

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