Online speed dating - with a twist. Fun! Private! You never know!​


Like Zoom Dating, but more engaging.

Totally anonymous – use your own avatar.  

Get to know about each other through audio and text. 


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About the event

You will need to be on a laptop or desktop; a phone or ipad is too small.

How this works

    All participants are represented by an avatar or image; you choose something that represents something about you.
    • The facilitator asks questions that help participants get to know each other.  Nothing private or embarrassing, and you can always pass if you don’t want to answer.  Participants type their answers in their designated spaces. 

    Through the responses of other people, you’ll start to get a sense of who is similar to what you are looking for.
    After the event, you can ask the facilitator/ shadchan to give you the name and info of the person(s) you are interested in getting to know better.  The shadchan can then act as your shadchan for the idea (or you can take the suggestion and work with it in whichever way feels comfortable to you).

About the info you enter

The information you share here will not be shared anywhere without your express permission.

Your information – name, photo – will not be displayed during this event. Throughout the event, you will be anonymous; all participants will be seen only by their avatar.

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