Yesod (sefira: week 6)

Literal definition: Foundation
[Yesod is translated as “foundation,” It is about the importance of having a firm, inner foundation in relationships with others ]

In other words: Bonding – Connecting – Communicating- Influencing
• Yesod is about emotional intimacy – truly connecting with another in a deep and authentic way. Being attached, with total devotion and dedication. It is about sharing what is really going on for you – in a way that the recipient can fully absorb and connect. And creating a situation where the other feels comfortable to share with you.
• Bonding means not just emotionally feeling for another, but also translating all those feelings into practical communication and connection – fully connected with total focus and dedication, avoiding anything that interferes with the bond. Each grows and flourishes in this bonding relationship. • In this strong connection, the receiver feels a sense of belonging and deep connection. A sense that “I matter; I am valued”; it builds confidence and trust. –
REFLECTIONS about Yesod in your marriage
• Are you a good communicator? Do you sincerely share your inner self? Are you selfish in your relationship or genuinely invested and connected exclusively with your spouse? Do you keep anything bottled up inside?
• Do you know if your spouse feels connected in your marriage? Respected? Loved? Valued? Smothered? Taken for granted? Does your spouse feel connected to you or do they feel lonely and isolated?
• Are you expressing yourself with love and concern, or with hurtful insults and putdowns?
• What is holding you back from fully bonding? Are you too critical? Perfectionist? Uncomfortable with vulnerability? Has your trust been abused? 💡EVEN MORE
Bonding breeds bonding. Act as if. When you bond in one area of your life, it helps you bond in other areas.

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