You can accept the unacceptable

There’s power in accepting what is.

We don’t have to like what is. We just have to accept that “it is what it is.”

It is our ego that holds us back from accepting. It is our ego that expected something else. It is our ego that tells us that we deserve something else. It is our ego that cries that what is actually our reality is ‘wrong’.

Our ego is attached to being SO RIGHT about HOW WRONG something is. Depending on the situation, this can leave us with distress, irritation, resentment, regret, guilt, blame, and shame. All these usurp our energy, attention and energy. These are a huge weight on our lives.

When we accept the unacceptable, the burden is removed and we are so much freer to live our life that is our reality. Without wasting energy in resisting the reality.

Accepting does not mean we become passive and never strive for betterment. Accepting life as it is today simply means that we accept life as it is, today (ex: lost a big deal). Of course, sometimes it does mean to accept that this is our life (ex: a newly discovered chronic condition).

We can start with accepting that we do not (yet) accept the ‘unacceptable’; we’ll find some relief right there. We can work toward fully accepting and embracing whatever it is.

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