You communicate so much without saying anything.

There is so much that is communicated through *non-verbal cues*: through your facial expressions, the tone and pitch of your voice, gestures displayed through your body language and the physical distance between the communicators.

The timing and location that you choose for the conversation can also convey so much. Choosing a time that respects the other’s schedule shows respect.
Be cognizant of the location and how you will be seated. A nice quiet or romantic spot sets a different tone from talking while doing errands. There is a sense of power differential when sitting on opposite sides of a desk or when one is sitting and the other is standing. –
Reflect on how you communicate through non-verbals. Are they enhancing or diminishing your intended message? If they generally do not match your intention, become more mindful. *The more important the conversation, the more you should plan your non-verbals.*
Plan the timing and location. Does your spouse prefer to sit across from you, walk in nature, take a long drive, sit side by side?
Plan how you will keep calm to control your tone, pitch and gestures.

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