You don’t think your way to a new way of living. You live your way to a new way of thinking.

Thinking and planning may be helpful. But it is action that counts. You don’t have to pre-plan or envision exactly how it will all work out. Just get started.

Do you find yourself in the ‘thinking loop’ (also known as ‘overthinking’)? Take a few steps toward your goal. Tell yourself that you can always go back to your thinking. But just get started taking action.

You want to have a healthier lifestyle? You don’t need a complete plan. Just start by eating less junk. Today. Later, you can learn more about the right foods to eat, and what exercise is practical for your schedule.

You want to spend more time with family? You don’t have to work out a whole new schedule in order to start. Just start. Add more quality to the time with family. Later, you can figure out how to carve out more time for your family.

The key is that once you get started, you will begin to develop a new of thinking that will generate more productive ideas to accomplish your goals.

The first step is what breaks the thinking loop. Do this every day with the thing you procrastinate the most and you’ll be living your way into a new way of thinking.

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