You never know – until you ask

Ask. You might just get a ‘yes’. If you get a ‘no’, you are not any worse off for the asking. Your asking may open a dialogue that can be helpful in the future. Or you may be offered a different idea to the question.

Actually, asking is a sign of strength. You care enough about yourself or the issue that you are willing to go out of your comfort zone to get the best support.

The real question here is why are you hesitant to ask? Reflect on that.

Might it be that as you were growing up, there was a strong emphasis on knowing and be able to do everything on your own? Or when you did ask, you were mostly given a ‘no’? If so, you don’t need to keep superimposing past events onto your present.

There might also be a fear of judgement by the other person, especially if you need help with something that you feel embarrassed or guilty about.

Or, you might feel that you don’t want to use someone else’s time or burden someone with your issue. In reality, most people do like to be of service and value to others, particularly if they know that you will actually benefit their efforts.

Might it be that you don’t know how to ask. You might be asking the wrong person, or saying the wrong words (like sounding pitiful or manipulative). It is worthwhile to learn HOW to ask; be straightforward and grateful for a ‘yes’.

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