Devora Krasnianski
founder, Adai Ad

from the founder

I love people and I love to help them live their best lives.

For so long, I had been hearing “Relationships are so hard.” “If only I had known how to set up this marriage so that we’d both be happy.” “I wish I had known before.” “Dating is exhausting.”

It’s true. Relationships do take work, anything worthwhile does. At the same time, having the necessary tools and mindsets about relationships makes that relationship work so much easier and have stronger results.

That’s why I founded Adai Ad. So that people can access the guidance and support they need to develop their relationship into one where everyone thrives and is happy.

Adai Ad provides workshops, courses, online resources, daily relationship tips, coaching, ebooks to bring the information to you, in a way that best suits your style.

Being part of a couple or family’s transformation is magical as smiles replace grimaces, peace reigns instead of chaos, and the love and happiness radiate. I am truly blessed to play a part in other people’s happiness.

Check out the resources, join a course, reach out.  The aim is for every person in our community to smile in their relationships. Amen.

Adai Ad produces articles and resources for the public. If you would like to republish materials online, you may do so as long as you share a link with Adai Ad and include the appropriate credit to Adai Ad.

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