Month: March 2020

Newlyweds Guide to Money with Mrs. Chaya Margolin, Financial coach

​Adai Ad presents NEWLYWEDS GUIDE TO MONEY: SOME DO’S AND DON’TS Different money personalities and habits. How to navigate it all? It is important to get on the same page about money – before it turns into conflict and tension. Chaya Margolin, a noted Financial Counselor shares some basic financial responsibility tips and must-dos. She talks about financial goals, how to have conversations about money, establishing a budget, credit cards, investing, and saving/spending balance.

Helping someone with Shalom Bayis with Mrs. Devora Krasnianski

Helping someone work through marriage issues is a huge responsibility. The number one rule in medicine “Do No Harm” is definitely apropos here. You certainly do not want to make a difficult situation even more complex. The questions you ask, the perspectives you share, the words you use; these all matter – are you helping or are you making things even worse?

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